Our Mission

Our mission is to genuinely improve the world by creating design education of the highest quality and lowest possible cost. We help as many designers, companies and students as possible improve their skills and future prospects—regardless of their location or background. This is the reason we exist. We LOVE that we make a big difference to millions of people around the world. Not only do we help millions build a better future for themselves, but we also teach them to apply their new design skills to improve the quality of life for humankind. We live in a world filled with inefficient and inhumane design—there lies a huge opportunity to make a positive impact through great design!

Vision for the future of the IxDF

So, what’s the vision of the IxDF? What’s the future path for our mission, so to speak? What are we going to achieve together and strive towards, as a team – today and in the future?

  • To become the very best, the most well-known and the most prestigious design school in the world and the one-stop destination for designers to learn new skills
  • To have the very best learning platform, learning process and learning content for designers on the planet.
  • To have a true high-performance culture of high performance and excellence.