Expectations from Developers

We are a small team of senior developers, and the IxDF does not employ junior or medium level developers. That’s why this list only includes our expectations for senior developers.

Senior developer

  1. A senior developer understands and is aligned with the IxDF Company Culture which is very briefly explained here and very thoroughly explained in our "IxDF Company Culture Course" (taken during your onboarding phase).
  2. Seriousness firstly means "responsibility". Responsibility for your decisions, solutions, code, and communication with the team.
  3. A senior developer is able to carry a message to Garcia (opens new window): They can take the initiative when carrying out a difficult assignment.
  4. A senior developer has experience; because they are able to learn from their mistakes.
  5. A senior developer helps their team get better every day. E.g. by energizing his/her colleagues on group calls, setting an example of awesome code that awes the rest of the team, inspiring colleagues with his/her results/help, etc. etc.
  6. A senior developer finds and fixes the root causes of the problem and not just the symptoms.
  7. A senior developer can self-reliantly deliver working software.
  8. A senior developer understands that their job is to provide solutions to problems, not to write code.
  9. A senior developer knows their tools (opens new window): IDE, OS/terminal, debugging, static analyzers, formatters, test frameworks, CI, CD, etc.
  10. A senior developer knows how to choose a right tool and framework.
  11. A senior developer actively employs the Boyscout principle and helps update this documentation ("always leave the campground cleaner than you found it")
  12. Most importantly, a senior developer reminds us all, or reminds a given individual developer, when we do not live up to what’s written on this page, written in the IxDF Zen Code, taught in the IxDF Culture Course, or considered a best practice among senior developers. A senior developer is thus a "guarantor" that we continually optimize our team spirit, fun, productivity, learning, results, impact on the world, and programming practices.

Senior backend developer

This list extends our expectations from a senior developer (see prev. section) for senior backend developers.

  1. Broad and extensive knowledge of the software development process and its technologies.
  2. Strong understanding of the primary programming language to use in IxDF.
  3. Experience in design patterns.

Senior frontend developer

This list extends our expectations from a senior developer (see prev. section) for senior frontend developers.

  1. Strong knowledge of HTML technologies and at least one modern JS framework and understand how it works.
  2. Middle-level knowledge of at least one different JS framework OR strong understanding of design patterns.

Short articles to read

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