Welcome aboard!

We know you’re amazing because you’re here (otherwise you would’t be here). Congrats: You've landed on one of the greatest jobs in the world! 🎉


Now it’s time to get you up to speed with all the things you need to know about your role at the IxDF and your day-to-day work as a developer.

Before you start, please ensure that you have a mentor (onboarding buddy) assigned to you to make your onboarding process smooth and easy.

Please also share all of your ideas & thoughts with regards to our onboarding document with your mentor. We want to maintain it in perfect condition, and your fresh look at the process is precious to us.


  1. To start, head over to 🔒 IxDF Onboarding & Company Culture Course (opens new window) and go through lesson 0 where the onboarding isexplained.
  2. Know our collaboration tools.
  3. Know our expectations from you and your work.
  4. Get closer to coding: Setup your 🔒 working environment (opens new window) (private repository link). It’s a time-consuming step. While your tools are being downloaded or installed, you can read/do the next step.
  5. Never stop learning 📖 Go through our library and create a plan on acquiring every bit of knowledge there. Once you have a plan, please discuss it with your mentor. (Are you full-stack? Then please open both links ☀️): - Literature/subscriptions for back-end developers - Literature/subscriptions for front-end developers
  6. We have an amazing course on IxDF’s company culture! Ping the member experience team if they haven't already enrolled you in the course. You should have already completed lesson 0 and now you may continue with the rest of the lessons.
  7. Go through our guides:
    1. Create a Laravel Forge account.
    2. Scrum
    3. 🔒 Git Flow (opens new window)
  8. How to get domain knowledge
  9. Coding (finally! 🎉)
    1. 🔒 File-naming conventions (opens new window)
    2. 🔒 Contributing standards (opens new window)
    3. 🔒 Platform glossary (opens new window)
    4. Architecture (Are you full-stack? You know what to do 😊)
  10. 🔒 Setup your IDE (opens new window) for the project.

Happy reading/hacking!

What’s next?

Are you ready for new challenges? Great!

Your onboarding buddy should prepare a number of tasks for your smooth onboarding to the codebase. You will be assigned to your first Github issues, make your first contribution to our codebase, create your first PR — a lot of exciting stuff!

Your first Github issues will be tasks that take you through some of the core sub-systems of our codebase. That will give you a better overview of what these sub-systems do and the state of the code within each sub-system (e.g. what’s the amount of technical debt versus up-to-date code in a given system). Don’t be alarmed if some of the issues will lead you into areas of the codebase where you find technical debt or spaghetti. That’s intentional so you get exposed to both great code and technical debt.

May the Force be with you!

Provide feedback and present your progress

In a few weeks, you’ll have a chance to look back at your progress within the IxDF. The whole development team will be very excited to get your general feedback (apart from your continuous talks with your mentor) and learn your progress. What you can share:

  • Coding: What have you finished and deployed to production that is now used by hundreds of thousands of people?
  • Learning: What is your progress on consuming our library? How did they change you?
  • Domain: What have you learned about the IxDF and our platform? How can you help improve the most critical parts of our platform?