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Cascading OKRs ​

What are Cascading OKR's? Like similar systems (e.g., Cascading Stylesheets), attributes and changes at one level of OKR are reflected in other levels of OKR. For example, when a new IxDF-wide OKR is created or changed and communicated by the IxDF Executive Level, each Team and Individual OKR as adjusted each quarter to support it.

Image of cascading OKRs

This helps to align all of our individual, team, and organizational OKRs are aligned and helping to achieve the IxDF's mission and vision.

Image of the quarterly IxDF OKR process

Here is what the process looks like over the course of a normal quarter.

Now that you have seen how our OKRs work at the organizational level, it’s time to start creating your OKR's.