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Assess Your OKRs

By the end of the quarter, you and your Team give each Key Result a final score, and reflect on your OKRs as a whole. Using a retrospective approach, pose some (or all) of these questions to your Team:

  • Were our Objectives ambitious enough?
  • Were our Key Results measurable? Did we know what our baseline was at the start of the quarter?
  • Did we “set ’em and forget ’em”? If so, why?
  • Were our OKRs aligned with the IxDF’s broader strategies?
  • Did they keep us focused on delivering value to customers?
  • Did we feel connected to our OKRs?
  • What have we learnt from this quarter? How do we lift the bar moving into the coming quarter?

Hold the Quarterly Meeting

At the end of each quarter, you evaluate your own and your Team’s OKRs in order to measure your accomplishment

The Meeting