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Support engineer ​

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This is only a basic version of the documentation. Full documentation contains some content that we don’t want to open-source for security reasons.

By agreement, at least one engineer is assigned the support engineer role and usually stay on it for 1-2 weeks only. This role is usually assigned to developers who have just completed a large feature or some other large task who need some time to keep an eye on things and recover energy.

Why do we have this role? ​

The main goal is to allow other developers to focus on bigger tasks while support engineers work ongoing bug reports and help other teams with their tasks.

Your responsibilities ​

This role can be a challenging one as it involves a lot of critical thinking and initiative. In a nutshell, your goal is to protect the dev team from distractions while still making sure that the needs of the business are taking care of.

You have done a great job as a support engineer when:

  1. The dev team can confidently mute error channels and notifications knowing that you are constantly monitoring for errors and performance issues
  2. The dev team can focus almost entirely on their sprint goals, knowing that you will only involve them if its really important that you do so
  3. Other teams feel like their requests are being heard and taken care of in a timely manner