Collaboration tools

Collaboration is a keystone in IxDF’s success, and we couldn't make it happen without the right tools and processes. These are the ones we use almost every day.

Please note that you should be using your company email address with all the tools listed below (except probably GitHub).

GitHub (opens new window)

Our issue tacker and code storage. Usage of 2FA (opens new window) is required. We also use real face photos for a profile picture to look more friendly to your colleagues.

Slack (opens new window)

We use Slack (opens new window) as our main tool for written communication and important notifications. Unless you're deep in the flow (state), you should be paying attention to what’s going on there.

We also use real face photos for a profile picture to look more friendly to your colleagues.

Do Not Disturb Hours

Slack now supports "Do Not Disturb Hours" so you won’t be pinged in the middle of the night or while you are dealing with family matters. You can set your "Do Not Disturb Hours" by clicking on the bell at the top of the left pane in the Slack app. You also have the option of snoozing for 20 minutes or up to 24 hours.

Zoom (opens new window)

Zoom is our preferred tool to take video calls. To set up a Zoom meeting, sign up for a free basic account (opens new window) using your IxDF team email address, and share the link for your "personal meeting room" with your participants. Note that on the Basic license, meetings are capped at 100 people, and meeting durations are capped at 40 minutes.

Google Calendar (opens new window)

We use Google Calendar to share info about our events: meetings, call, team-trips, etc.

Recommendation: consider to have 2 different calendars on your IxDF google account: public and private.

There are several benefits and reasons to sharing your calendar with everyone at IxDF:

  1. Transparency is one of our values and sharing what you work on is in line with our message of "be open about as many things as possible".
  2. Due to our timezone differences, there are small windows of time when our availabilities overlap. If other members need to schedule a new meeting, seeing the details of recurring meetings (such as 1-1s) will allow for more flexibility in scheduling without needing to wait for a confirmation from the team member. This speaks to our value to be more efficient.

Modifying Events

Please click 'Guests can modify event' so people can update the time in the calendar instead of having to reach out via other channels. You can configure this to be checked by default under Event Settings (opens new window).


Dropbox (opens new window)

We need a secure way of sharing files, and Dropbox (opens new window) is one of the best tools out there for this purpose. Via Dropbox you will get access to our literature library, exported designs and pretty much any other file you need to do your work.

When you see the phrase "shared folders", we mean the "shared folders" on Dropbox.

Zeplin (opens new window)

We use Zeplin (opens new window) to share designs and assets between designers and developers. It makes life easier for both parties as all details such as spacing, font size, colors, etc. are listed directly on the designs. Create an account and let your onboarding buddy know so that they can add you to the project.

LastPass (opens new window)

We use LastPass to share login credentials, API keys and some top secret information. 😃 Please head to to know how.

Codeship (opens new window)

Our main CI/CD. Developers should have personal accounts on this service, your mentor or team-lead should add you to our project and at the Connected Services (opens new window) page you should connect your account with your GitHub account, so codeship can send you emails if case of failed builds.

Ye Olde Email

Yeah, we still use email (and pigeons) from time to time. To make email less dull, we ask new team members to upload their most handsome/beautiful picture with a big smile!

Also, please ensure that you have easy access to check your company email inbox (consider to install a browser extension ( Chrome (opens new window), Firefox (opens new window), Safari (opens new window) ) or use mail client).